Friday, September 23, 2016

Solar System in Astrology

                Science is invented so many things in all branches  including astronomy  now a days. All the invention which developed by science is basically came from our ancient culture and civilization. Science has given a new name for all the oldest inventions. We can easily come the conclusion if we study our ancient art !!
                This video has explain a little bit  about our solar system through the vision of vedic astrology !

Thiruchitrambalam !!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mass Conjuction of Planets!!

                Planet  placed in horoscope with out any conjunction is very rare , generally they have connected with one anther either in aspect or conjunction . Positive planets may give the negative effect and negative planet may give the positive effect due to the conjunction , apart from that these conjunction gives so may " Yogam " in astro world. Negative things are focused in the horoscope if the planets conjunction is there. Vast level of negative things are focused if the number of planets together in one house. This video is going to explain about what type of interpretation can make in this scenario.