Friday, September 23, 2016

Solar System in Astrology

                Science is invented so many things in all branches  including astronomy  now a days. All the invention which developed by science is basically came from our ancient culture and civilization. Science has given a new name for all the oldest inventions. We can easily come the conclusion if we study our ancient art !!
                This video has explain a little bit  about our solar system through the vision of vedic astrology !

Thiruchitrambalam !!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mass Conjuction of Planets!!

                Planet  placed in horoscope with out any conjunction is very rare , generally they have connected with one anther either in aspect or conjunction . Positive planets may give the negative effect and negative planet may give the positive effect due to the conjunction , apart from that these conjunction gives so may " Yogam " in astro world. Negative things are focused in the horoscope if the planets conjunction is there. Vast level of negative things are focused if the number of planets together in one house. This video is going to explain about what type of interpretation can make in this scenario.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Air Crash 2016


          In our last presentation, we have seen conjunction of planets on a specific day and its effects for the individuals.

The planet Saturn is responsible for the life span of the individuals. There were mass destruction in a particular time period or on a single day like earth quake, accidents etc. History has proved these right from Mohenjo Daro and Harappa civilisation.  A single man influenced the history by destroying a group of people in the past [Malaysian airlines pilots suicide mission]. Large number of people was killed through war, natural disasters [Earth quake, Tsunami etc], industrial accidents (Bhopal India, Hiroshima/Nagasaki nuclear bombing by America), and mass murder of a particular group or community so on and so forth. When the population grows to a certain level nature plays a role to neutralise the same. Our friends may be wondering why is it happening and would like to understand the concepts. Hence I am presenting a video presentation based on my knowledge and learnings in vedic astrology. The below questions of people wondering

What’s wrong with the group of people horoscope? 

Why do they die all of a sudden with a group of people?

Does it mean that Saturn is weak in the horoscope of those in the group?  

How vedic astrology can explain to us about those incidents?

Hence I am presenting a video presentation based on my knowledge and learnings in vedic astrology to explain about the answer of these questions.  I have given some incidents which people can recollect and understand the reasons for those incidents.

February 24 - 

Tara Air Flight 193, a Viking Air-built DHC-6 Twin Otter, flies into a storm and crashes into a mountainside at Dana, Myagdi district, Nepal, killing all 23 on board.


February 26 - 

In the 2016 Air Kasthamandap crash, an Air Kasthamandap PAC 750XL crash-lands in Nepal, killing the two crew members and injuring nine passengers.


March 19 -

 Flydubai Flight 981, a Boeing 737-800, crashes while landing at Rostov-on-Don, Russia, in poor weather. All 62 people on board are killed.


March 29 -

 EgyptAir Flight 181, an Airbus A320, is hijacked and forcibly diverted to Larnaca International Airport, Cyprus. All passengers and crew are released unharmed.


April 4 -

 Batik Air Flight 7703, a Boeing 737-800, collides with an ATR 42 on the runway at Halim Perdanakusma Airport in Jakarta. Both aircraft are substantially damaged.


April 13 -

 In the 2016 Sunbird Aviation crash, a Britten-Norman Islander crashes short of the runway while landing at Kiunga, Papua New Guinea. All 12 people on board are killed.


April 29 -

 In the 2016 Turøy helicopter crash, a Eurocopter EC225L Super Puma helicopter crashes near Turøy, an island off the coast of Norway. All 13 passengers and crew are killed.


May 18 -

 In the 2016 Silk Way Airlines Antonov An-12 crash, a Silk Way Airlines Antonov An-12 cargo plane crashes after an engine failure, killing seven and injuring two.


May 19 -

 EgyptAir Flight 804, an Airbus A320, crashes into the eastern Mediterranean Sea after a series of sharp descending turns. All 56 passengers and 10 crew are assumed killed.


May 27 - 

Korean Air Flight 2708, a Boeing 777-300, suffers an engine failure and resulting fire while taxiing for takeoff at Haneda Airport; all 319 passengers and crew are evacuated although 12 are injured.


June 27 - 

Singapore Airlines Flight 368, a Boeing 777-300ER, suffers an engine fire at Singapore Changi Airport after returning due to a fuel leak. All 241 passengers and crew are unharmed.


August 3 - 

Emirates Flight 521, a Boeing 777-300, lands wheels-up at Dubai International Airport. Shortly after landing, the plane bursts into flames. All 300 passengers and crew escape from the aircraft unharmed; one fatality on ground.


August 5 –
ASL Airlines Hungary Flight 7332, a Boeing 737, overran a runway at Bergamo Airport.


September 26, 1997

Garuda Indonesia Flight 152 was a scheduled domestic Indonesian passenger flight from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta to Polonia International Airport in MedanNorth Sumatra, flown using an Airbus A300B4registered PK-GAI and operated Garuda Indonesia.
     On September 26, 1997, Flight 152, piloted by Hance Rahmowiyogo, 42, a pilot with over 20 years of flying experience at Garuda Indonesia and more than 12,000 flying hours, crashed into mountainous woodlands 30 miles (48 km) from Medan during low visibility caused by the 1997 Southeast Asian haze. All 234 passengers and crew were killed in the disaster. The crash site was in a ravine near the village of Buah Nabar in the Sibolangit district south of Medan.[1]
Flight 152 remains the deadliest single-plane crash in Indonesia, and the deadliest aviation accident in 1997.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Combination of Planets 2016

               In astrology a planet is more powerful than it's own house if these are combined with another one, combination of planets is known as " Yogam " in astro world , A person can succeeded even the planet are not in its own house or excelled , if the planet are combined with some best Yogam. For example mercury is combined with Sun is know as  " Puthathya Yogam "  or  "Nibuna Yogam " those person can study well  if the combination is in 12th house also. 
                 In this way total 5 number of planets are combined in Leo sign today, this is a rare phenomena in astrology , these combination will give more positive effect for those who born in these 2 days. This has been explained in this video.  

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Live - Jupiter Transit 2016

Special Live session  has be held in our youtube channel         " astrochinnaraj " 

Date: 02.08.2016 Tuesday

Time : 11.00 am to 12.00 pm.   ( India )

Contact No:  + 91 9585881177 ( you can ask and participate the                                                             live through this phone number )                 

Thank you for  viewers and participants  of our live session

Recording of our Live in the below window 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Jupiter Transit 2016 - Virgo / Kanni

                Jupiter is transiting from your 12th house Leo to your 1st house Virgo. This means lord of 4th and 7th house will be placed in 1st house.1st house transit is normally considered inauspicious but I will not say so since the aspect of 5th, 7th and 9th house which are very critical houses and this will bring lot of positive energies to those houses. It is an expected fact that marriage may get delayed for this rasi people till the next transit if other conditions are not favourable.
                5th house aspect will bring positives to the children of this natives. Their children will shine in education, career, and in many fields. This can also bring them closer to marriage.
7th house aspect will bring profits in partnership business. Business will have improvements and fund flow will be encouraging.9th house aspect will bring positives to your father.
                The natives of this rasi will get opportunities to return back to homeland if they wish after working in overseas for some years. Some people may get jobs overseas also. Property purchase and other household articles are also on the cards.

For further explanation:

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jupiter Transit 2016 - Pisces / Meenam

                          Jupiter will transit from your 6th house Leo to 7th house Virgo. For this rasi people, this will give more positive effect than the previous transit in 6th house. 
Guys in Meenam rasi are going to have a great period after nearly 4 hours of unfavourable transits of different planets at different intervals. Good news is bad period is over and your good time is arriving. 
                         The most beneficial planet Jupiter will aspect your own Rasi Meenam, 11th house,  and 3rd house. Considering the importance of these house numbers, this transit is very good for you.
In Vedic astrology, 7th house transit will bring good benefits the natives. Aspect on 11th house which is the house of profit is considered good. This aspect will bring you gains, savings and providing opportunities for purchase of property. It can bring salary hikes, promotions, remarkable improvement in family relationships. All your debts which were obtained due to previous unfavourable transits will get closed. Health conditions of the native will improve, court cases will be decided favourably.
                         Marriage for the natives, if pending for long time, will get fixed with the blessings of Guru. Purchase of properties, investments in gold, shares etc are on the cards. There will be positive development for students in the education side. On-site opportunities and foreign trips for some are on the cards. It is the right time to apply for higher immigration status if the native is staying overseas since favourable results are predicted for application on green cards and Citizenships.

                      Health condition of father and elders in the family will show remarkable improvements. Long pending loans can be collected, pending court cases will be decided favourably for the natives. Asset building for the natives are on the cards which may include purchase of property, gold, investments in share market etc. some people may start new business also which will be beneficial.
Marriage which was delayed due to previous unfavourable transit will get fixed. Due to the 3rd house aspect, it will harmony with siblings. Social status will improve and religious rituals will be performed by the natives. 

For further explanation :