Saturday, October 21, 2017

Dengue Astrological Perception

Dengue Astrological Perception

This video is explain about the dengue fever especially in Tamil Nadu. There are the number of people are affected by the dengue fever. Government has taken serious steps against this though it is not controlled yet. This video explain about this tragedy through vedic astrology. Dengue fever is not affected in Tamil Nadu only but it has affected throughout the world especially in the tropical zone. This disease was originated from Southeast Asia and spread through drinking water it is the major problem that we could not control the casualties. Especially in astrology saturn have place in Scorpio this where is the Scorpio Rashi is water sign. For the last 3 years saturn in the same place but the dengue was not spread past 3 years. When the saturn is aspected by Mars from Leo the dengue fever is treated in vedic astrology whenever the saturn and Mars conjunction will be takes place there may be a first chance for natural disaster this year's explain in this video very clearly.


senthil kumar said...

Dear sir... senthilkumar from Thanjavur...i have seen many of your videos, the way you are explaining with poems attract me more and its awesome.I got an appointment to meet you on 3 October 1.30 pm but unfortunately I missed my wallet with 7000 and my driving licence and all ATM card... so I went to police station for complaint and duplicate DL and my father's told my birthday is Tuesday so I shouldn't go at the same day and I requested madam for 4th but no space.. I plan to meet you in November... my call will be first at November 1st... Sir... my question is moon and venues together in 6 position and venues is neetcham in my horoscope... mars and kethu together in 8th position and November 11th onwards raghu dhasa moon butthi going to start... so kindly tell... is there chance for dingue... and if you have time kindly tell when my marriage going to happened... my date of birth 28.08.1984 time 9.35 pm place Thanjavur... as per vakiya panjongam mercury is in 4 th position... I hope you will read and explain to my comment... I am waiting...

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