Saturday, October 21, 2017

Dasa year 120 Comments I to IV

Dhassa Year 120 Comments Reply Videos

Part: I

Part: II

Part: III

Part: IV


Purushothaman said...

Sooper explanation

Purushothaman said...

Guru dasa budhan bukthi going sir.
Medhuna lagnam (kanni rasi) guru and sukren (paralkal 14 points)seventh place .what all the lagna guru padhagathipathi sir .
And 6 the place Suryan ,budhan,kethu
5 the place Sani utcham .I am studying phd finished or not.awaiting for result.

D.o.b 19/11/1984 time :9.10pm

Ur speech very nice ...
Astrology software ethu use pannalam sir. I am using jaganatha hora.

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