Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Q&A Part I in Astrology by Dindigul P.Chinnaraj Astrologer

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RAS Contracting said...

Dear sir,

My name is Arun Prabhu and i'm 37yrs
In my whole life time i can't get a stable career, finance & so many family problems. Got a govt job & lost it, then got a mnc job & lost it, got a good job in abroad & lost it, now started a business in UAE, but no use, no profit, only expenses and so much of credit problems also were there, because of this i have faced a police case and jail also in UAE 20 days back and there is no happiness in personal life also since i am love marriage, i don't know what to do??? I have two kids and i'm scared of their future, I don't even have an own house, pls give a remedy by deeply going through my jathagam and please say is there any possibilities to get back from my problems. Birth details under mentioned,

DOB: 28/01/1980
Birth time: 04:11 PM
Birth place: Nagercoil, Tamilnadu

Hardly beleiving in you to solve my problems, thank you

Arun Prabhu

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