Friday, September 23, 2016

Solar System in Astrology

                Science is invented so many things in all branches  including astronomy  now a days. All the invention which developed by science is basically came from our ancient culture and civilization. Science has given a new name for all the oldest inventions. We can easily come the conclusion if we study our ancient art !!
                This video has explain a little bit  about our solar system through the vision of vedic astrology !

Thiruchitrambalam !!


iangar said...

Just now (31.10.2016 - 4.29 pm) I finished viewing your video on solar system. In the end you mentioned about your eagerness to respond but inability to reply all queries by your fans / viewers. You also asked us to come up with possible solutions. I think I have one. But it will require a lot of help from computer / software professionals. Lets go:

1. From one particular date we will start, all the comments getting posted will get a unique number - generated by the system - and it will be sent to the persons mobile no. the queries will get uploaded in your website.

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Very easy to say / write - difficult to implement. But not impossible. It can be done. But cost? you have to consider that. Or good hearted people from us can generously contribute to set up such system? Take up this issue in next episode.

Thanks and regards

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