Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Generally Mars and Saturn are more negative planets with them, The house where the Mars and Saturn combined are not only affected the same house and also it has affected in 7th house , the ancient vedic astrology tamil verses has explain so many way about this combination.   Mars is a planet of heat, tension, anger, speed, and decided with emotion, where as the Saturn is a very slowest planet it will take to rotate the Sun 30 years, but it will be 1.5 years only where Mars is concerned. In this fast and slow combination are very difficult to run the life smoothly. But some time combination is not necessary even these two planets are aspect with one another will also gives some negative reactions. See the following example horoscope . This is a girls horoscope, she has not get married still now her age is 28 completed .
                                     7th lord is in the 5th house, where as the 5th house is also know as ” Tirikona Sthanam ” this position is one of the best thing, 7th lord refers about the husband. The lord of 2nd house is Sun has placed in 9th house, ninth house is also known as ” Tirikona Sthanam ” and 2nd house refers about the family. Now we come the conclusion that 2nd and 7th lord are powerful position so there is no need to delay the marriage. But she has not get married still now why , this is because of Mars and Saturn aspect. These two planets are aspected with one another, so all of the astrologers who attend this horoscope for marriage are afraid that this may be the failure. but it will not so because  Saturn is aspected by Jupiter where the Jupiter is aspect any one of the house then all the negative things will be eradicated. so Saturn and Mars combination will not give the negative effect and there is also in another point, the 1st house is also aspected by Jupiter , there is not negative reactions will be run if the Jupiter is aspect 1st house it is also called as ” Yogam ” . There is an another point also will not affect here married life is Jupiter and Moon Combination this is called as ” Gaja Kesari Yogam ”  in this popular yogam has said Ganjam means ellaphent  and kesari means lion. A group of ellaphent will be disappeared if only one lion is crossed on the way, such type of thing is also in horoscope . All ” Thosham ” will be eradicated if  ” Gaja Kesari Yogam ” is there, in this example horoscope also has this yogam so her marriage life will be very peaceful. but our astrologer has decided the these Mars and Saturn combination will give the negative effect with her family life. This is because the marriage is delayed for her.

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Pachiappan Suresh said...

In your previous post, you said Saturn & Mars combination is the reason for Architect job and it is good, but now you said that it is not good, can you explain which one is correct?

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