Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kirubananda Variyar Horoscope

 Every men and women are born and finished their life in the earth, every day and every  minute the process is going on, with in this flood only few people can carving their name both present and future also. One of them is Kirubananda Variyar Swamigal, how can these people can get the fame and name ?  We analysis his horoscope with our small knowledge here. 
Kirubanandavariyar E
         Swamiji has born in the ascendant of Cancer birth Rasi was Libra and birth star was Swathi, The lord of ascendant is Lunar which has positioned in 4th place of  ” Kendra Sthanam ”  He has a long life span due to this one, those peoples who has the lord of ascendant in 1,4,7,10 called Kendra Sthanam or 1,5,9 called Triangle are getting a long life according to the vedic astrological law in  ” Jathaka Alangaram ” a very ancient book in tamil vedic astrology.  He has given so many lecture in outstanding wealth of tamil poem and mythology, his speeches are so valuable still now.
        Sun has placed in 2nd place also the lord or 2nd house, if the lord of 2nd house is too strong then his words are so valuable and it could not be eliminate by time, according to astrology Saturn is connected with 2nd house , their words will be shining beyond their life time, here Saturn was aspect 2nd house from the 8th house. Sun was in it’s own house  and aspect by Saturn has explain that the 2nd house was very good position, so that every word came from him was more important. People are more spiritual if the Jupiter or Kethu is in the 12th house.  Jupiter in Gemini in this horoscope, Mercury is the lord of Gemini . Mercury is represent knowledge if the Rahu is in the house of Mercury then the person can get the knowledge of electrical and electronics, computer department, Suppose the Marce  is there they will be a Doctor or Civil Engineer. In this horoscope Jupiter was there , Jupiter is know as wisdom, spiritual, leadership quality and respect, due to this he has getting the wisdom and knowledge in the filed of spirituality , and no need to explain about his respect. 
 Even though the 2nd lord Sun was in it’s own house and the 7th lord Saturn  was also in it’s own house of Aquarius, but he has no family and children,  these two houses are more important for family life, 8th house Saturn has aspect by Marce , while the Saturn and Marce connected in any house that will be regretted, in this way here 7th house has affected. Here  Venus was also debilitated, where as the Venus is the planet to represent the life partner, and also the 5th lord Marce was also debilitated. This has dominated that he was live as saint !!  Hummer sense has overfilled by his speech due to Mercury if this planet is in ascendant or in the 2nd place those people are always in the sense of hummer. Marce was in the ascendant has been gave the interest of  lord  ” Murugan ” ,  his fame and name will be lived still the language of Tamil survive.
Thiruchitrambalam !!

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