Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Own House

 In your horoscope 4th lord is in retrograde then you can only buy your own house after 35 years, Only you can own a house before this if the Jupiter aspect the retrograde planet. Own house is a dream project for all the peoples, but only few people can get it in their early stage rest of them are delayed. Some of the people are trying in their entire life to buy a property. Mars is the planet that refers about the property and house, and 4th place is considered as living place, if the 4th lord is connected with mars in  1st, 4th, 7th and 10th place which know as “Kenthira Sthanam” then those people can get the property in their early stage. 4th lord and mars are connected with aspect basis, than those people can get their house from 30 to 40 of their age. In case Mars is not connected with 4th lord then either Mars or 4th lord should be in exalted position then they can buy property with in 40 years of their age.  

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