Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jupiter Transit 2016 - Aquarius / Kumbam

              Jupiter will transit from your 7th house Leo to 8th house Virgo. 8th house transit is not considered beneficial to the natives in Vedic astrology.  Jupiter will aspect your 12th house, 2nd ,4th   & 6th house.
            12th house is considered house of expenses. This can bring in some unplanned expenses. Hence natives of this rasi should be more careful with the expenses and budget some money for unplanned expenses. Business related expenses can be high and chances for slow-down of business is also predicted for some natives. Repair of equipment is also seen in the transit. 
            This transit has chances to bring some misunderstandings with in the family. It would be good if the natives can think twice before talking and can maintain their composures during troubled times. 
             This transit can delay the marriage for one year since there is no Guru aspect on the house of marriage. Native may have some health issues are seen and avoiding loans is strongly recommended for this native during this period. Visit to Tiruchendur or Alangudi temple will help the natives. It would be good if the natives can light lamps with Ghee to Lord Dhakshinamurthy on Thursdays. Prayers can reduce negative effects and give you enough power to face critical situations. 

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Magow G said...

Jupiter will be transiting to Libra on 12th Sep 2017. Jupiter transit will support in your personal and professional life. It will helps to bring good luck & prosperous life. Perform Dakshinamurthy Homam on this day for excellence in education & wisdom.
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