Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jupiter Transit 2016 - Pisces / Meenam

                          Jupiter will transit from your 6th house Leo to 7th house Virgo. For this rasi people, this will give more positive effect than the previous transit in 6th house. 
Guys in Meenam rasi are going to have a great period after nearly 4 hours of unfavourable transits of different planets at different intervals. Good news is bad period is over and your good time is arriving. 
                         The most beneficial planet Jupiter will aspect your own Rasi Meenam, 11th house,  and 3rd house. Considering the importance of these house numbers, this transit is very good for you.
In Vedic astrology, 7th house transit will bring good benefits the natives. Aspect on 11th house which is the house of profit is considered good. This aspect will bring you gains, savings and providing opportunities for purchase of property. It can bring salary hikes, promotions, remarkable improvement in family relationships. All your debts which were obtained due to previous unfavourable transits will get closed. Health conditions of the native will improve, court cases will be decided favourably.
                         Marriage for the natives, if pending for long time, will get fixed with the blessings of Guru. Purchase of properties, investments in gold, shares etc are on the cards. There will be positive development for students in the education side. On-site opportunities and foreign trips for some are on the cards. It is the right time to apply for higher immigration status if the native is staying overseas since favourable results are predicted for application on green cards and Citizenships.

                      Health condition of father and elders in the family will show remarkable improvements. Long pending loans can be collected, pending court cases will be decided favourably for the natives. Asset building for the natives are on the cards which may include purchase of property, gold, investments in share market etc. some people may start new business also which will be beneficial.
Marriage which was delayed due to previous unfavourable transit will get fixed. Due to the 3rd house aspect, it will harmony with siblings. Social status will improve and religious rituals will be performed by the natives. 

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