Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jupiter Transit 2016 - Taurus-Rishabam

              This 5th house transit in Virgo for Rishabam is a very favourable transit considering that from the 5th house Jupiter will aspects your own rasi. This transit will bring more positive energy in career, profession and contribute to good financial position.
               Jupiter aspects on your 9th house which is a considered as House of Fortune [Bakiya Sthaanam]. The strength of the 9th house is very important for the individual to enjoy the benefits of your horoscope. This Jupiter aspect on 9th house is very important and provide you the good fortune if you dasha bhukthi supports the same.
               Eleventh house being house of profits/gain, this aspect of Jupiter will bring you rewards for the efforts made by you. This aspect will bring you more gains and more profits by strengthening this house. People whose 11th house is activiated always have an advantageous position in terms of finance and this aspect will bring the same to you.

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