Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Transit of Jupiter 2016

                 Giant of our solar system is Jupiter, a very big planet next to sun as per the size , in vedic astrology this planet is positive one .  Every 12 to 13 months once it transit from one rasi to another ! this is called as Jupiter Transit popularly known as " Guru peyarchi " in vedic astrology. People are more interested to know about the transit predictions for their Rasi. Giant planet gives only the good things, more important things that Jupiter will explain about the issues  ( Puthira /  Santhaana Bakiyam ) and marriage. Jupiter aspect is inevitable one while we insist the marriage proceedings !  so the aspect of Guru is most important to move the next step of our life . 
                   This year transit of Guru will takes place on 02.08.2016 . The following post will explain about the effect of this transit for all 12 Rasis . These videos will be  available from 14.07.2016 Thursday morning 10.30 am IST onward   in our youtube channel  " astrochinnaraj " also. 

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